Workplace Mobility Tracker

Interactive, customizable tool to track workplace mobility trends in Canada.

Workplace Mobility Trends in Canada

Our Workplace Mobility Tracker provides a comprehensive look across Canada at the new patterns of workplace mobility in Canada, that have emerged since the pandemic began.

We provide detailed results for 13 provinces and territories, 153 Census Metropolitan Areas, and 55 Downtowns. Our granular dataset reveals significant local variation in the return to workplaces, and allows us to identify which regions are leading, and which are lagging the overall trends.

With remote work disproportionately occurring for workplaces in the downtowns of Canada’s largest cities, we quantify the extent to which the downtown cores have been hit harder than other areas.

By linking this large dataset with other detailed demographic and employment datasets, we learn more about the factors that are systematically driving these patterns.

Stay up-to-date with our monthly data updates and ongoing analysis. Check out our full report and try our new data dashboard today.

The pandemic didn’t rewrite the rules for Canada’s workplace mobility … it accelerated its evolution.

Canada’s New Workplace Mobility Trends (March 2023)

A big change is happening in Canada’s urban centers – ushering a new era of doing business.

Canada’s New Workplace Mobility (Full Report, November 2022)

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