Jun 27, 2024

The Business Landscape for Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ Entrepreneurs in Canada

June marks both National Indigenous History Month as well as LGBTQ2+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two Sprit, Plus) Pride Month. These communities are integral to Canada’s population, with Indigenous Peoples making up 5% and LGBTQ2+ individuals 4%. Their contributions enrich our diversity, culture and traditions. Yet, despite their instrumental roles, they remain under-represented in business ownership, at roughly 3.5% of all private sector businesses. This disparity highlights the significant challenges they face in starting, funding and growing their businesses.  

An analysis by our Business Data Lab using the latest Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (Q2 2024) reveals that firms owned by Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ individuals are concentrated in specific sectors. Indigenous-owned businesses are primarily found in arts, entertainment & recreation, health care, mining oil & gas, and other services. LGBTQ2+ entrepreneurs are more prevalent in real estate, info & culture, arts & entertainment, health care, and other services. These patterns may be due to lower entry barriers in these sectors, but also reflect systemic biases these groups face. 

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